A Good Day For Thinking

dream pink
Today was a good day of thinking. Love, family, friends, ups, downs, goals, dreams, failures, and yes, even a success or two – crossed my mind today. I thought about how much I love my children – all three of them, and how easy it is to hurt someone’s feelings (or have my feelings hurt, too). I thought about how I wish we were all geographically closer.

It was a good day for thinking. I was home alone, concentrating on cleaning the house, and the weather outside, although windy, was beautiful. I thought about my life as I walked the dogs. I thought about my childhood and my children’s childhood as I read a book in which the protagonist had a horrible childhood.

When I read about someone whose life was tougher or more violent than mine – I’m able to get a different perspective on my past. That’s a good thing.

I thought about the book I wrote a few years ago, “Loving Myself First: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles (Past, Present, and Future)” and why I wrote it. I thought about my personality as a teen and how broken and hurting I was. I thought about how lucky I was (and am) that my body is not able to tolerate drugs – so I never became an addict. I thought about a girl who told me when I was 16, that I was going to become an alcoholic – I had four alcoholic parents – and that always stayed in my mind. Luckily, I never became an alcoholic.

Life’s circumstances can break a person, but putting things in perspective can change an outlook and bring a smile to a face.

Today was a reminder of how good my life is and how lucky (and blessed) I am. I hope you have such a thoughtful day and see the blessings in your life.

Warmly, Lorraine