Finding Myself

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted here. Maybe you’ve forgotten me by now. It isn’t surprising, because I’ve kind of forgotten myself, too.

In the past ten months I have meandered around obstacles and gotten distracted going down different paths. It’s been a cloudy journey. I started the personal development coaching business because I wanted to help women develop the confidence to achieve their dreams. I thought by helping others I would be helping myself, but it didn’t turn out that way – it turned into more of a comfy couch on which I could watch others. And yes, it was exciting to see what they would do, but there wasn’t enough hours in the day to develop anything I’d been dreaming of accomplishing. I started to feel lost.

But I have found myself and rededicated myself to my passion of writing, singing and composing. I hope you stay as a reader, and that you share your comments about what is going on in your life. Maybe we could navigate our dreams together.

With bright eyes toward living today to the fullest,

Yours, Lorrainebutterfly-1662471_640


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