Your Words Have Power!

By Lorraine Morgan Scott

We live in an environment where everything we say can be used against us. I don’t understand why, but it seems most people are ready to be offended at the drop of a syllable. It used to be (at least in my thinking), that one would take the position that so-and-so meant the best and that whatever they said was meant for my good (even if they were grammatically and vocabulary inept). Today, it often seems just the opposite. It’s like some people have magnifying glasses out to look for the insult in your words.

Yes, words have power. More specifically, your words have power; and you don’t even need a whole sentence to insult someone – it can be accomplished in just three letters (maybe less). You can put them in their place, hurt their feelings, mentally scar their fragile minds, and even cause them to feel unworthy and un-liked.

Did you realize that those words you speak can affect you too? When you’re telling someone off, you might get a momentary inflation of self-importance or self-perceived respect; but you may also regret the words shortly thereafter, or even years after a confrontation (say, . . . when you’ve matured, accepted the Lord, or {and this is unfortunate} when the effect of your words cause someone to take drastic action (like suicide) or that person is unable to move past the situation. Sometimes, the effect of your words could cause retaliation or revenge.

Another way your words have power (besides retaliation by another person) is that you can internalize them. When you say, “Oh, I’m such an idiot,” or, “I’m so fat,” or, “I’m old, ugly, skinny . . . and so on,” you are speaking directly to your psyche. You become your own worst enemy. You begin to feel inferior, unloved, unworthy, and lots of other “uns.”

Don’t do that! Don’t be that!

You need to love yourself. You need to love the person you are – faults and all. We are all flawed, and we are all in-progress of becoming something more. None of us have it altogether! We all have something we’re working on within ourselves.

So use your word-power for good. Tell yourself you are smart, capable, learning, awesome, and every other positive adjective you can think of. And when you’re talking with someone else, truly earn their respect by building them up! Even when you need to criticize – make it positive and constructive -validate their efforts and maybe (if appropriate) make a suggestion that can provide further advancement.

Your words have power; choose to use them wisely.


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