Distracted = Destiny Deferred

By Lorraine Morgan Scott

Are you letting all of life’s distractions keep you from achieving your dreams and destiny?
Do you believe you have a purpose for your life? Do you know what your destiny is? If not, look deep down inside of you to that dream that keeps bugging and nudging you since you were a kid. What is hidden deep down there?
For me it is singing and creating music. Since I was a little girl I wanted to sing, but I allowed that dream to get damped down so low the flame barely glows. I obeyed when I was told to be quiet, I listened when I was told I’d never make it – so don’t even try. And worst of all, I let life and all it’s business keep me from pursuing my deepest dream and what I believe is my destiny. Sad.
I realized this the other day. I had a list of things to do and creating music was not on it, yet, creating music is what my heart yearns to do. I had housework, two items for an organization I volunteer for, two business actions, and an action for a book I’d just finished writing. I have other actions waiting in the wings of my mind, and I tell myself that I’ll create music “when I have time”. That was an eye-opener! It was then that I realized I need to make my destiny and my dream a priority and fit these other “things” in as time allows.
What about you? Do you let all the other things (work, volunteer activities, housework, etc) take priority over your destiny- over that big dream you’ve been carrying around for eons?
If you don’t have your priorities right (or aligned) you will always be busy with other tasks. Find the balance. Sure earning a living and taking care of your family is a priority- but so are you! Even if you start out with spending 15 minutes a day working toward your goal, you’ll be so much closer to your goal, dream and destiny than if you waited until you have a large block of time. Time doesn’t magically appear . . . but the to-do list will magically keep being populated. So, to get some forward movement and momentum- put working toward your goal/dream/destiny at the top of your list priority one (or A).
If you spend even just a few minutes daily you will feel such a sense of accomplishment as you finish a project or a milestone. And soon, you’ll look back and say, well-done.
Good luck. Call me if you need help.

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