What Are You Waiting For?


What Are You Waiting For?
by Lorraine Morgan Scott

You wait in line at the bank. You wait in line at the store. You wait in a room designed just for waiting. You wait for school to end. You wait until you’re older, or thinner, or have more money. You may even be waiting for some type of religious event. Have you noticed, you wait for results on a great many things.

So how much time do you spend waiting?

A better question is what do you do with your time while waiting.

How could your time be better spent? You know, we all wait for something every day, so what are you waiting for? Do something constructive or something that moves your life forward! Here are a couple of examples:

  1. When in line you can meet new people (start up a conversation with a stranger – heck, you already have at least one known thing in common.)
  2. When in a waiting room, read a chapter or two of that book you’ve been meaning to read, or write an article (like this one.)
  3. When waiting on a promotion, enroll in self-development classes, learn a complimentary skill, read an educational book that will be an asset in the new position (or even now where you are.)
  4. When waiting on the results of something (like a doctor’s report, college entrance, job application, etc.,) further your knowledge of the potential illness or injury, look at the surrounding area and/or business opportunities, or research and apply your knowledge in a helpful and confidence-building manner.

We all have something we are waiting for or people we are waiting on, but it’s what we do with our selves, the inner growth we can be addressing, and our attitude toward patience that will define our character during the period of waiting.

Maybe the reason why we’re stuck waiting is so that we develop an area or learn to have patience.

I’d love to hear your comments, but I have to close now – they just called my name.

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