The Parallelism Between Life and a Game of Solitaire

by Lorraine Morgan Scott

How, you may wonder, can a game of cards have a semblance to “real” life? Well, the way I see it . . . in at least nine ways.

As many of you who know me know I play solitaire nearly every day in the morning. I think of the day ahead and the things I want to accomplish. Sometimes I come up with plot twisters to stories, lyrics to songs, and solutions to challenges I’m mulling over. Yes, all of this is done during one game of Addiction Solitaire (played with a deck of cards) and one game of traditional Solitaire.

And sometimes, I notice I relate the game to what’s happening in life. Seriously, I’ve found I can debate whether to move a 7 of hearts or a 7 of diamonds and wonder:

  • What are the ramifications?
  • What if I choose the wrong one?
  • How is this going to help me?

And that’s just when I’m presented with one opportunity for a red seven! What about when I have one space and three kings to choose from?

So here are nine parallelisms I find between life and the game:solitare

  1. Don’t rush – you may miss an opportunity for a life/game changer.
  2. If you make a mistake, learn from it and let it go.
  3. Sometimes you must make a choice. Make it, and don’t second-guess it.
  4. If you wait to play a card (a hand, an opportunity) you may lose your chance, and it may (or may not) come again.
  5. Multiple opportunities may present themselves, not all are right or wrong.
  6. Know when to quit (or throw in the cards).
  7. Perseverance is necessary; you may need to play (try) more than once to win (or succeed).
  8. Regret is a waste of energy, same with a self-defeating attitude. Don’t kick yourself for a bad choice, it might not be your last one – forgive yourself.
  9. Enjoy the game; enjoy what you’re doing or don’t play.

What do you think? Do you think the game of life resembles the game of Solitaire? Do you have any more parallelisms I missed? I’d love to have you share them here.

Here’s to your game of life – may it be richly rewarding and a ton of fun.


Lorraine Morgan Scott

You can write Lorraine at PepTalkCap dot com